A US American woman wanted to hire a contract killer with Bitcoin in the dark expanses of the darkness. But the website turned out to be scam.

In the protection of supposed anonymity, Darknet trading sites can cover the entire illegal spectrum from drugs and weapons to contract killing. In the USA, a woman has now been arrested who wanted to use the services of a Darknet website and have her ex-husband killed for 12 Bitcoin.

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The incident took place as early as 2016, when the accused allegedly hired a contract killer on the platform and paid Bitcoin for it at a price of around USD 5,000. However, as the court files show, the website was a scam.

The site was a now defunct site on darknet, pretending to be a legitimate platform and offering a variety of services, including murder, kidnapping and assault in exchange for payments in crypto-currencies. The site was actually a scam, taking users money without performing any of the services offered.

In an exchange of words with the platforms operators, the time and place for the action were agreed upon. But it was never to come to that. The website was still blocked in 2016. Last week, after the authorities had wrapped up the case in 2019, an arrest was made.

In the public perception, crypto-currencies like Bitcoin and the privacy coins more suitable for illegal purposes like Monero and Dash still enjoy a dubious reputation because of their function in darknet. Recently, Europol seized Bitcoin and other crypto currencies worth US$6.5 million from a darknet platform.

Bitcoin and Darknet: A sinister alliance

Measured in terms of the total volume of BTCs held by illegal platforms, however, this was only a small blow against organised crime. According to block chain analysts at Chainanalysis, an estimated 800,000 BTCs are in criminal hands. Darknet platforms account for the majority of 516,000 BTC, or over $5.5 billion.

However, due to the transparency of Bitcoin Blockchain, the money movements of scams and darknet marketplaces can be traced quite accurately. According to this, criminal transaction flows account for only a small part of total payment traffic. According to Chainalysis, the share of illegal flows is currently 0.28 percent.

According to a study by Chainalysis, the overall use of Bitcoin and Co. for illegal purposes has increased in recent years. The money laundering business, in particular, continues to boom. However, since Bitcoin can be assigned to illegal entities, they first have to be cleaned from their traces using a mixer. According to Chainalysis, around half of the money flows through the Binance and Huobi stock exchanges. A total of over 300,000 addresses in criminal hands are registered on both exchanges.

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