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BNB Chain and Google Cloud have teamed to provide basic infrastructure, cloud computing credits, mentoring, and advanced technical assistance to early-stage Web3 and blockchain companies.

Google Cloud collaborates with BNB Chain on Web3
Binance’s blockchain platform for smart contracts, BNB Chain, which is developing new features to attract developers from the promising new Web3 ecosystem, has partnered with Google Cloud to support the very startups that specialize in Web3 and blockchain. This is an important step for the entire ecosystem.

JUST IN: #BNB Chain has joined forces with Google Cloud to advance web3 and blockchain technology initiatives.

September 14, 2022 — Watcher.Guru (@WatcherGuru)

Startups that are actively developing goods and services on Binance’s blockchain will now be allowed to do so as well. Startups developing goods and services on Binance’s blockchain will now be able to do so on Google Cloud’s scalable, secure, and open-source infrastructure. BNB Chain now boasts over 1,300 active decentralized apps (dApps) in its ecosystem and claims to be Web3’s largest contract blockchain in terms of volume, smart transactions, and users.

According to a lengthy post on Binance’s website: “Through this strategic engagement, early-stage Web3 and blockchain firms will be able to create and deploy high-performance, efficient, and sustainable technologies for users and the whole industry.”

The new agreement will also provide Web3 builders in the BNB ecosystem, including those in Binance’s Most Valuable Builder accelerator, with faster access to the Google for Startups Cloud program.

Google’s Web3 Director, James Tromans

Web3 Director for Google Cloud, James Tromans, stated: “We are excited to work with BNB Chain to give Web3 developers with the cleanest cloud infrastructure on which to create and expand their apps.” This expands on our previous efforts to meet the demands of our clients in building, trading, storing value, and launching new products on blockchain-based platforms.”

BNB Chain Investment Director Gwendolyn Regina stated: “By working with Google Cloud, we can provide Web3 builders with open, secure, and carbon-neutral cloud infrastructure that they need to grow and improve their enterprises.”

A critical stage for the entire ecology

The new alliance is a crucial new step toward the creation of the new Web3 environment, and it is the Mountain View behemoth’s initial reaction to Facebook’s determination to increasingly expand the Web 3.0 ecosystem.

Google offers a Cloud for Firms initiative that grants Google Cloud credits per year for up to two years and assists qualifying early-stage startups in creating and growing their businesses. This option is now available to developers that use Binance’s network.

While Google Cloud developers may now access Binance Lab’s MVB accelerator program, which recognizes developers and businesses in need of the correct foundation to continue creating and expanding cutting-edge Web3 and dApp products for customers.

Google Cloud announced a new cooperation with last week.

Last week, Google Cloud announced a new partnership with Vietnam’s Sky Mavis, the creator of the NFT ecosystem of Axie Infinity, the most popular Play to Earn game (with millions of players each week), to strengthen the security of its Ronin blockchain network, which was hit by a $600 million hacker attack in March 2022.