Playboy will release the first ‘MetaMansion’ in The Sandbox


Playboy disclosed their ambitions to establish a new Playboy Mansion in the metaverse in February of this year, spreading its bunnies around the digital community. And it appears that working with The Sandbox is a great way to get started.

With a new ‘immersive social gaming experience’ in the metaverse, the media company hopes to bolster its position in the rapidly developing virtual marketplace.

Playboy, which was founded in 1953, has evolved to become a significant worldwide media empire with one of the world’s most known trademark designs. Its new cooperation with The Sandbox fits with a larger trend of other heritage companies (such as Gucci and Christie’s Auction House) that have lately begun to tap into the expanding metaverse as a new source of revenue and consumer interaction.

PLBY Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: PLBY), also known as Playboy, has announced its entry into the metaverse with the introduction of the ‘MetaMansion,’ a new virtual experience hosted by and launched in conjunction with The Sandbox.

Playboy, a lifestyle and entertainment company founded in 1953, announced a license partnership with the blockchain-based virtual environment The Sandbox on July 11. According to the two firms, the newly established collaboration seeks to give metaverse visitors with a Playboy-themed “social gaming experience.”

The Sandbox-designed Metamansion will include non-fungible token (NFT) items, pre-programmed events, social play, and gaming experiences based on the Playboy content library.

Playboy, a worldwide famous and legendary lifestyle brand, is teaming up with The Sandbox! In The Sandbox, Playboy’s “MetaMansion” experience will include games, social play, and scheduled events.

and continuing digital collectibles releases that draw on Playboy’s massive content archive, including Playboy’s talent and influencer network, and bring Playboy’s desirable fashion designs and must-attend live experiences into the metaverse.

The Sandbox collaborated with Playboy to create the game’s first immersive megamansion, which hosted talents and exhibitions from one of the world’s most prominent lifestyle brands.

The Sandbox metaverse’s Playboy-themed immersive gaming experience will include NFT collectable releases and exclusive events for Playboy’s Rabbitar community.

A brief glimpse of the new MetaMansion, inspired by the renowned Playboy Home, shows a slew of voxelated playmates lined the red carpet leading to the virtual mansion, which resembles the fictitious Gatsby Mansion rather than its IRL counterpart in Los Angeles.

One of the virtual playmates presents the player with a greeting card bearing the Playboy emblem and the initials ‘VIP.’

The MetaMansion will include new NFT collections as well as customized experiences for Playboy aficionados and collectors.

The house is another step toward decentralizing the world’s most renowned lifestyle brand, and gamers will most likely be able to create their own experiences in the globe.

In a recent post, Playboy verified that customers may print their Rabbitars on shirts and customize their look to reflect a certain goal. Something like that is quite likely to appear in the new metaverse.

Playboy has revealed its intentions for 2022:

Our first and most important objective is to incorporate what we’ve done into what we want to accomplish.

This is to determine how existing community benefits and opportunities, such as Hare Drops, NFT collections, the Playboy Archives, IRL & URL products and experiences, and the community’s DeRabbitive creations, fit into the Rabbitars’ larger vision, a vision that a) the community wants, b) we can commit to, and c) we can communicate clearly.


In addition to the primary collection, people are creating personalized experiences to give back to the communities. DeRabbitives, for example, contributes a part of all users to random Rabbitars NFT collection holders.


Playboy’s Chief Brand & Strategy Officer, Rachel Webber, stated:

“We’re excited to collaborate with The Sandbox and its world-class design and development team to create a premium, tailored Playboy gaming and social experience in the metaverse,” says the company.

Playboy’s Rachel Webber, the chief brand and strategy officer for Playboy, provided more information in a message to journalists. “We are eager to welcome the entire Playboy fandom, especially the Rabbitar community and The Sandbox LAND owners, into this brand-new immersive Playboy universe.

“After gaining traction in the web3 area with a number of NFT art and collectibles releases and testing out metaverse events like virtual art openings and [a] virtual holiday party, developing Playboy’s web3 presence and community will involve creating a virtual home. We will be able to provide gameplay and social interactions, connect our real-world events to URL events, and do programming and more thanks to our very first dedicated home in the metaverse. Additionally, we have been working with The Sandbox exclusively on this project. We’ve been so impressed by The Sandbox’s skilled design and development team, their understanding of cultural nuances, and their intriguing product roadmap that we can’t wait to work with them to realize our shared goals.

The Sandbox’s COO and co-founder, Sebastien Borget, remarked.

The Sandbox offers a dynamic platform for the coming wave of innovation. For nearly 70 years, Playboy has produced ground-breaking experiences in entertainment, gaming, art, and celebrity.

Playboy is representative of its appeal, way of life, and entertainment material that crosses generations and has already made a successful entry into Web 3. We’re excited to introduce its extensive collection of content into the metaverse and provide ardent followers the chance to live next to this venerable company virtually throughout a LAND will be sold in the third quarter of 2022.

Playboy is distinctive and inimitable. Through this partnership, the distinctive aesthetic vision that made the brand famous throughout the world is brought to the metaverse. The Playboy brand can now engage with a new generation that was raised in the metaverse in The Sandbox by sharing its history and artistic creations on a platform where everyone is connected by a common love of digital culture.

It’s noteworthy that Playboy and The Sandbox based MetaMansion on Playboy’s Rabbitars NFT project, which features up to 11,953 different 3D animated bunny avatars. Owners of Rabbitars and those who have purchased The Sandbox LAND will have access to exclusive events in MetaMansion.

There are now 5,204 Rabbitars minted on the chain, with a supply guaranteed to 11,953 celebrating the anniversary of the enduring magazine’s debut in 1953. For the first time ever, Rabbitars include a restricted trade license that enables users to produce original artwork and designs including the Playboy name and branding.

In the initial sale, each Rabbitar was sold for 0.1953 $ETH. On OpenSea, a Rabbitar’s current floor price is 0.18 $ETH. Overall, even during a bad market, the collection is holding its worth.

In addition to their ever-expanding collection of NFTs, Playboy began selling some of their vintage magazines as collectibles and gave owners access to a portion of their business licensing documentation.

The project’s launch date and more details are still pending.

In a statement, Playboy announced that further information regarding the MetaMansion;  The “coming months” will see the release of MetaMansion.


Entry of Playboy into NFT Space

To increase participation and connection with the NFT community, Playboy has introduced The Rabbit Hole, a dedicated Discord server, in addition to the Rabbitars collection.

The lifestyle and entertainment company has a long history in the blockchain sector. Despite announcing plans to deploy a multi-cryptocurrency wallet on Playboy TV in March 2018, the corporation ultimately abandoned the idea, according to reports released four months later.

Playboy has prior experience in the web3 industry. In the spring of 2021, it released its first NFT collection, named Liquid Summer. It has dabbled in virtual events, including a virtual art show. Later the same year, the business released the, Playboy Rabbitars (pronounced “avatars”) are another branded NFT collection “inspired by Playboy’s most iconic iconography, art, photography, celebrities, and more”, according to the brand’s website.

The following July, the entertainment company teamed up with Superrare to release the Miami Beach NFT Collection. The latest cooperation with The Sandbox will involve NFTs and “unique experiences for Playboy’s Rabbitar community.”

Playboy first appeared in the Web3 world in April of last year. At the period, Playboy collaborated with digital art platform Nifty Gateway to develop an online art exhibition in the form of NFTs. Slimesunday, Blake Kathryn, and others created sexy digital art for the NFTs. Notably, the initial drop, “Liquid Summer,” sold out in just 3 minutes.

In addition, in October 2021, Playboy issued a collection of 11,953 non-fungible bunnies, giving its famous bunny figure fresh life. The Rabbitars were built in partnership with Possible Studios and WENEW, an art studio and blockchain technology startup, by Playboy’s specialized Web3 Innovation team. Those that purchased Rabbitars NFTs gained access to special member events, artwork, apparel, and pre-sale access to future collections, among other benefits.

Playboy is one of several companies that have just joined The Sandbox metaverse. The acid jazz-funk band Jamiroquai collaborated with the Web3 virtual universe, according to News on May 19. The Sandbox also collaborated with gaming titans Square Enix and Ubisoft to bring Dungeon Siege IP and Rabbids to blockchain gaming land.

Playboy has been a publishing pioneer for for 70 years, and the business believes The Sandbox blockchain universe “provides a dynamic platform for a future wave of creativity.” Sebastien Borget, COO and co-founder of The Sandbox, stated that the entertainment company continues to appeal to all generations, including Web3 users.



What exactly is The Sandbox?


The Sandbox is a collection of gaming and social activities built on the Ethereum blockchain (but it is in the process of transitioning to Polygon). The Sandbox is made up of voxel-based plots of varied sizes. With block editing, handcrafted materials, and a built-in scripting language, landowners may create and personalize their own experiences.  These virtual areas can be adventures, virtual stores, or whatever else their owners might envision and create!

The Sandbox is a collection of free tools for developers and content creators. Creators use VoxEdit to create voxel-based items for usage in-game. Users may also build a variety of interactive experiences with Game Maker. The Sandbox is constantly announcing new partnerships and has now completed two alpha testing with play to win prizes!


The Playboy’s collaboration with the Sandbox might result in one of the game’s greatest environments ever. We strongly advise you to join their Discord community and prepare to have a good time inside the coolest MetaMansion!