Niftables floats its NFT platform for content creators and brands

Niftables has launched its nonfungible token (NFT) platform in a bid to make it easier for brands and content creators to monetise their work.

Niftables has now launched its NFT platform. According to the news release from Coinjournal, the firm declares that the NFT platform was created for content producers and brands.

The release notes that the platform will enable content creators to mint, manage, and monetize their NFTs.

Niftables adds that its NFT technology enables brands and creators to go from concept to their own white-label NFT platforms; in the fastest time feasible.

The firm notes that its NFT software provides brands and creators with the quickest path from concept to their own white-label NFT platforms.

Numerous A-list companies and producers are currently using its technology to build their platforms, an official announcement is coming shortly.

Niftables is a subsidiary of Dapper Labs, the firm behind the popular cryptocurrency game CryptoKitties. According to Crunchbase, Niftables has raised $3 million in seed funding from investors such as Andreessen Horowitz, Union Square Ventures, and Venrock.

According to Jordan Aitali, Niftables Co-founder:

“A one-stop-shop doesn’t mean one-size-fits-all. That’s why Niftables is built to let creators and brands fully customize their white-label NFT platforms from the get-go. We ensure that each creator’s NFT platform is in tandem with their branding and overall vision.”

The company recognizes the high entry obstacle that brand and content producers encounter when investigating the nonfungible token sector. The majority of creators struggle with the process of creating, developing, minting, and distributing their NFTs.

To help with this, Niftables takes care of the entire process from start to finish.

According to the company, its platform is “highly flexible and customizable,” allowing creators. To “choose their workflows, create multiple types of NFTs, set up automated minting processes and distribution rules, and much more.”

Niftables is the answer. The firm claims it is lowering the barriers to entry and providing a complete NFT suite. For content producers, brands, and consumers alike, allowing for mass adoption of NFTs.

With the Niftables metamarket, which offers cutting-edge, bespoke technology, and full automation of NFT utilities. And the seamless front and back-end integration into an NFT network, the goal may be accomplished.

The metamarket is intended to combine the full range of current and cutting-edge NFT functionalities into a user-friendly platform.

As well as 3D galleries that are VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) compatible. As a result, users may now experience the metaverse from the comfort of their own homes.

Niftables lets non-native users enter the NFT market through fiat payment methods and integrated custody solutions, in addition to the native crypto users.

The firm announces that it will establish a cross-chain, gas-free, fiat-ready, marketplace where clients can sell, purchase, trade, and exchange. And reclaim their NFTs and winnings from the content producers’ white-label platforms or straight from the Niftables business.

The Niftables marketplace will link buyers with all verified white-label platforms, stores, profiles, and collections. As well as allow them to purchase and sell NFTs and display their 3D meta galleries, the firm states.

The company also announces a partnership with Zora, an NFT marketplace. As part of the partnership, Zora will be the exclusive marketplace for Niftable NFTs.

Niftables’ distribution module also gives creators the ability to offer their NFTs for sale on popular marketplaces such as OpenSea and Rarible.

The company has created a one-click integration with these platforms, which it says will save creators “hours of development time.”

Niftables is on a mission to make it easy for content creators and brands to launch their own NFT platforms. The company provides software that enables businesses to launch their own white-label NFT platforms quickly and easily.