If you didn’t know, over the past few years’ cryptocurrency has rapidly increased in both popularity and price. This is due to a combination of speculation and high demand, as well as their belief that many of these currencies are undervalued. Along with this surge of interest came the launch of hundreds of new cryptocurrency investment funds.

In today’s market, it is very challenging to find the right cryptocurrency investment funds and alternatives. Finding a good investment is something that you will want to do before investing in anything in life. As a result of the latest developments in the cryptocurrency ecosystem and particularly bitcoin, new platforms have emerged seeking to provide access to a larger investor crowd.

An alternative to cryptocurrency investment funds is to create your own. With the cryptocurrency market and blockchain technology transforming the world economy and starting a new era in online digital transactions, there also exist a variety of alternative methods for investing in this rising industry.

There are many options for people who want to invest in cryptocurrency. However, they all take a very different approach to investing. Many have a lot of pitfalls and intermixed. Furthermore, some of them might be outright fraudulent. Here we’ll examine the various ways that an investor can use to invest in cryptocurrency excluding the popular ICO’s like Tezos and Bancor.

Alternative coins, also known as “alt-coins” and “crypto coins” are digital currencies that use cryptography for security. More secure than traditional online transactions, they can be publicly held or owned. One common feature of alternative coins is their focus on improving things such as transaction speed, privacy, etc. These improvements offer a potential alternative to Bitcoin (BTC), the world’s most well-known digital currency.

2018 was forecasted as the year for cryptocurrencies. With the market cap of all coins exceeding $400 billion and having increased by at least 2000% in 2017. The interest from countries, businesses, and individual investors has never been higher. However, many are still unsure how to enter this fast-growing and exciting cryptocurrency world. Some people prefer to participate in a more traditional way of investing such as with business start-ups via an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) or venture capital fund. The two most respected ICO’s are for Tezos ($232 million & Status Network ($270 million), which have raised considerably more funds than any other ICOs so far.

Investing in cryptocurrencies is only slightly different to investing in regular stocks and shares. There are numerous investment funds on the market or you could go it alone by purchasing a range of different cryptocurrency tokens.

Cryptocurrency can be a lucrative venture for savvy investors. With the continual expansion of the cryptocurrency market, demand for wallet accounts and blockchain-related products are on the rise as well. The future looks bright for cryptocurrency investment funds and alternatives, ensuring their importance will remain important to investors well into the near future. Now let’s look into how to choose the most appropriate investment fund in Cryptocurrency using some of these;

Index Funds in Cryptocurrency Investment Funds

Just like index funds are a very effective way to invest in the top stocks of companies, they can also be used to invest in the top cryptocurrencies.

An index fund is a mutual fund that tracks the same indices as its benchmark index. This means it can be considered a passive investment vehicle because the fund manager picks up the majority of stocks in the index concerned, rather than having to make buying and selling decisions on stocks as and when they become active options.

Investing in the cryptocurrency market is a notoriously complex and complicated task. The investor is faced with the daunting challenge of selecting which digital currency to invest in, and how much to invest in each. And if things aren’t already difficult enough, there are even further complications when the investor wants to move his money into a safer investment vehicle.

An investment fund advises its clients about the most suitable strategies for investing their money. It also can be used to manage the assets of the investors during a defined period of time. Cryptocurrency Index Funds compose a list of the potential investments that you should choose from in order to reach your investment goals.

If you’re investing in cryptocurrency, you likely are familiar with indexes like CRIX and CRIX30. These indicators take into account the pricing of thousands of cryptocurrencies to form a sensitive indicator that can help predict if you should be buying or selling (or just Holding).

Index funds in cryptocurrency is an index of crypto assets in the crypto market. Index funds is an investment tool that you can use to invest and earn profits with bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin and other coins. The index funds are useful to track this booming industry in order to figure out how they perform over time as cryptocurrencies have recently gained a lot of popularity.

Mutual Funds (Cryptocurrency Investment Funds)

Mutual funds are financial instruments used by the general public to invest in pools of assets, such as stocks or bonds. They are often marketed as “a way to own a slice of a company without doing the hard work yourself” and that you can “set it and forget it”. But for many investors, investing in a mutual fund seems antiquated.

In a world of quick money, you don’t have many more options than to be a Bitcoin investor. But there’s more ways of making money that don’t involve risking your own capital. Mutual Funds are pool investment accounts that make it possible for investors to profit when the markets are up without putting in any money

The craze to purchase cryptocurrencies has led to the formation of cryptocurrency investment funds. While mutual funds have existed for a long time and were initially designed for investors without enough capital, cryptocurrency investment funds aim to pool in subscriptions and investments from small medium sized investors. However, such funds are yet to get approved from regulatory bodies like the SEC.

A cryptocurrency mutual fund, also known as a crypto fund is an investment class which enables investors to invest in several cryptocurrencies simultaneously, either by pooling their money and investing in a larger portfolio, or by directly buying and holding cryptocurrency investments. They are many different types of cryptocurrency funds that are worth considering some of these are ICO (initial coin offering) funds, HODL funds and index funds.

There are over 1600 cryptocurrencies in existence. No one can predict what the cryptocurrency market will look like in the future but it’s pretty much agreed upon that there will be a lot of investors and traders wanting to earn some profits from buying these cryptocurrencies. As you probably know, this is not an easy task. It takes skills, experience, and dedication if you want to invest in cryptocurrencies and earn some good profits.

Exchange-Traded Funds

In the cryptocurrency world, there are many kinds of value. There is the value of a currency, as we all know about Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash. Also, value can be seen in how to use that currency and how to interact with it for business practices or money transfers. That is why cryptocurrency exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and alternatives have been gaining attention. They are trading instruments that allow people to speculate on crypto markets and even trade risky assets using more traditional trading methods.

Exchange-traded funds (“ETFs”) have become a popular investment vehicle among the general public. ETFs are pooled investments that trade on exchanges, like stocks. However, ETFs hold assets such as bonds, stocks and commodities, or an interest in other funds (i.e., the ETF is made up of a pool of underlying assets). There are lots of advantages to exchange-traded funds that make them a popular investment option for individuals looking for diversification and security.

Many investors, especially millennials or even those who are simply new to the trading world are seeking for ways to enter the cryptocurrency market. An excellent platform widely used by traders in the industry or by beginners alike is that of an exchange-traded fund (ETF). This platform is widely used because it allows the trader the widest range of freedom in terms of choice and flexibility.

Exchange-traded fund (ETF) is a type of fund that tracks other investment indexes. Cryptocurrency and blockchain are gaining popularity by the day, which makes cryptocurrency developments trending. In mid-September 2017, Chicago Board Options Exchange launched bitcoin futures contracts on the CBOE Futures Exchange while the CME Group was scheduled to launch its futures contract on December 18, 2017. CRYPTO20 provides a way to track and invest in a basket of cryptocurrency assets at once by creating a new token whose value tracks the underlying crypto assets.

These ETFs may be an alternative to purchasing cryptocurrencies directly Whenever it comes to cryptocurrency, there’s always the possibility of buying it directly without any intermediary. However, this is not always possible especially if a person wants to invest a large amount which is beyond his liquidity.

Also, some countries don’t permit direct purchase of cryptocurrencies, so there’s no other choice but to buy then through ETFs or CFDs. An example of an ETF is CRYPTO20. CRYPTO20 provides a way to track and invest in a basket of cryptocurrency assets at once by creating a new token whose value tracks the underlying crypto assets.


For most people on the globe, buying Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies is a difficult task due to various obvious impediments. The current Bitcoin price of USD 8,000 only makes it an impossible target for many retail investors, limiting them to invest in Cryptocurrency investment funds and alternatives that are available. However lucky are those who not only have more dollars than the rest but also the courageousness to step into this market for the fear of losing what they have. Although there is no guarantee that their money will double or triple, but this fact cannot stop someone from getting rich later on when cryptocurrencies are starting out. Even though you do not take risks because you lose money, you do so by not investing at all.

In conclusion, the cryptocurrency market is a big pool of shallow water. Every time someone goes in, they stand a good chance of emerging without their life savings. The crowd will continue to throw in good money after bad, because the collective mind of man is more powerful than the flow of time.

If you have a good economic knowledge and you want to get into the cryptocurrency investment business, it’s good that you know there are not only private investors but also funds and alternatives. They are not perfect, but they help you to invest in the right crypto assets and for making the right choices.