The start-up Cryptobuyer will provide the first Bitcoin node for Venezuela together with Blockstream. This will lay the foundation for nationwide distribution.

Bitcoin & Co. is booming in Venezuela, not least because of the enormously high inflation. Now Venezuela has its first Bitcoin node in orbit thanks to the platform Cryptobuyer. The start-up, which specializes in Central and South America, announced that it will connect this important node with a satellite network. As the current announcement states, this will be a great advantage for all those Bitcoin buyers who do not have a direct Internet connection. The Bitcoin satellite node is connected to the blockstream network Blockstream is also one of the start-ups of the Bitcoin infrastructure. The node was set up by AnibalCripto, a provider of crypto-currency training, with support from Álvaro Pérez, a programmer from Valencia. The financial and logistical support comes from CryptoBuyer.

Pérez accordingly speaks of the action as a great achievement.

We have downloaded the entire Bitcoin Blockchain and successfully completed the first transaction via a Bitcoin Satellite Node in our country on September 23 from the city of Valencia. We received Bitcoin via the satellite connection without any Internet connection.

The launch of the Bitcoin satellite is an important first step in an alliance between Cryptobuyer and Blockstream in Venezuela. The installation of further network nodes is already planned for the capital Caracas. The same applies to the state of Bolivar in the south of the country. This would basically achieve the goal of offering nationwide coverage. Bitcoin users near the satellite nodes will connect via local mesh networks. A corresponding test run has already started in the country.

Cypherpunk-Guru Adam Black is behind Blockstream

AnibalCripto-CEO Anibal Garrido is pleased to provide a 24/7 digital cash system that works independently of the local Internet infrastructure.

With this development we are no longer subject to requirements such as the use of an Internet Service Provider (ISP). This could try to break the principles of privacy and decentralisation. However, these are, as is well known, the foundations of this Cypherpunk technology.

Keyword Cypherpunk: there was something? Right, founded in 1992, this association laid the foundation for the crypto scene of today. In 1997 Cypherpunk Adam Back developed the Hashcash-idea. It is none other than this Adam Back who founded Blockstream in 2014. So Cryptobuyer can only profit from his expertise. Thus, it can be expected that the distribution of Bitcoin in the region will increase. This is what Blockstreams sidechain technology, the Liquid Network, is intended to achieve.

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