HL Deb 12 May 2004 vol 661 cc35-7WA
Lord Laird

asked Her Majesty's Government:

To whom the Special European Programmes Body allocated peace funding during 2003; for what purpose; what percentage was allocated in Northern Ireland; and whether the system of grant allocation was approved by the North/South Ministerial Council. [HL2059]

Table 1
Organisations Project Title Project Description
Donegal County Council Donegal Tourism Research Programme This tourism research programme is being developed with the purpose of providing an information resource for tourism and related sectors in Donegal.
Donegal County Development Board Forest Link The project will focus on the enhancement and creation of linkages to build networks, learning from models of best practice internationally and the promotion of collaborative partnership approaches to projects. This will assist in the strategic development of forestry in Donegal with regard to (1) the establishment and management of community forests (2) the need to improve market outputs for private limber growers.
North West Food Consortium North West Food Network The central aim of this project is to assist in the development of a progressive and receptive food sector through a cross-sectoral programme designed to establish enduring links and develop networks between food enterprises based in the border counties of the north-west Ireland region (Leitrim. Donegal. Sligo and Cavan) and their European counterparts.
FAS The Messines Peace Networks The main aim of this project is to establish and promote three Messines peace initiative networks, which will be dedicated to facilitating participation in international conflict resolution and peace-building networks to enable international best practice in these fields to be applied to the peace process in Northern Ireland and the Border region.
Table 2
Organisations Project Title Project Description
Co-operation and Working Together CAWT: Promoting Healthy Minds for a Healthy Future This project will develop a cross-border strategy and action plan for tackling the mental health problems of young people including those who have suffered as a result of the conflict. This will include an art therapy programme for young people who have been emotionally traumatised.
Fisheries Conservancy Board NI Reinstatement of the weir at Cullaville, South Armagh The Fane river flows through the border counties of County Armagh and Monaghan. It experiences good runs of salmon and sea trout in the summer and autumn. Passage of these migratory fish to their upstream spawning beds is curtailed by a badly neglected weir at Cullaville. The project seeks to repair the weir and improve facilities for fish passage at the weir and also to enhance salmon habitat in the Fane and adjoining rivers.
Co-operation and Working Together CAWT: Acknowledging the Past and Building on Peace This project will address a number of key health and social services development areas in the region adjacent to the border and will target socially excluded groups many of whom have suffered directly as a result of the troubles.
Cavan County Council Breifne Mountain Region The project will establish this region of north-west Ireland as a quality, educational and activity destination based upon the sustainable development of its total natural and cultural resources.
Dungannon Borough Council South Tyrone-Donegal Exploring Diversity Together The South Tyrone-Donegal exploring diversity together initiative aims to develop a strategic framework for cross-border co-operation between the Dungannon and South Tyrone Borough Council (NI) and Donegal County Council (ROI). It will operate on a three-phase basis and will be facilitated by two cross-border integration officers based in each local authority.
Black water Reconciliation Partnership Blackwater Reconciliation Partnership The Blackwater reconciliation partnership is a vehicle through which three local authorities, namely Armagh City & District Council, Dungannon & South Tyrone Borough Council, and Monaghan County Council, aim to build relationships on a cross-border/cross-community basis and to maximise the opportunities for social interaction and reconciliation.
FAS North-West Cross-border Public Sector Co-operation on Teleservicing and Customer Relationship Manage This project entails FAS and the North West Institute of Further and Higher Education (NWIFHE) working together, and with other agencies, to help redress the legacy of the conflict in the area. The project will bring individuals, businesses and organisations from both communities in the north together with individuals, businesses and organisations in the Republic of Ireland and help them to overcome their differences in order to pursue a common goal: that is, to help position the north-west as a prime location for tele-businesses (inward investment) and to promote the use of electronic customer relationship management (eCRM) to local businesses. Cross-border co-operation and promotion of peace and reconciliation arc integral to the project.

The Lord President of the Council (Baroness Amos)

The Special EU Programmes Body (SEUPB) allocated funding under two measures of the PEACE II programme during 2003 to the bodies listed in the following tables.

Table 1 shows the projects allocated under Measure 4.1 where the SEUPB is responsible for allocating funding to the Border region only. Table 2 shows the allocations under Measure 5.2 where, as all the projects supported involve cross-border partnership, it is not possible meaningfully to calculate a specific Northern Ireland share.

The PEACE II grant allocation process is described in the PEACE II programme complement document that was approved by NSMC on 20 June 2001.

Table 2
Organisations Project Title Project Description
Derry City Council Promoting equal opportunities—a bridge to peace and reconciliation Cross-border initiative by Derry City Council and Donegal County Council which aims to take a co-ordinated approach to the common problems of under-representation of women at senior management levels, job segregation and low levels of female entrepreneurship.
County Monaghan VEC (on behalf of North South Education Forum) Diversity of Learning Needs— Education for All Senior educationalists from both sides of the border have agreed five priority areas for collaborative action in education:
— Social Inclusion
— Staff Development
— Youth Work
— Community Partnerships
This project will provide research and implement innovative activities and projects to tackle the needs and gaps that exist in current education and training provision for marginalised groups within these five priority areas.
Confederation of European Councillors (NI/RoI) NI/RoI Councillor Co-Operation The members of the Confederation of European Councillors are seeking financial assistance to allow them: to establish and operate a local office, initially in Northern Ireland and then in the Border counties, and to allow them to carry out research which will consolidate existing linkages and working arrangements, and provide a forum for cross-border co-operation, development and influence on matters particularly arising from the recent conflict.
County Sligo VEC and Western Education & Library Board, Northern Ireland Building Towards Sustained Youth Sport Building Towards Sustained Youth Sport is a cross-border sports project managed by a consortium of public bodies that includes education, health, local authorities and national sports council interests. The project will address the gap that currently exists between after-school sports provision and junior club development in the community.
Marine & Water Leisure Programme, Donegal County Council Integrated Pilot Project in Beach Management— Rural Activity Beaches The project is a cross-border initiative between Donegal County Council. Limavady Borough Council and the University of Ulster Coastal Research Group, which aims to establish integrated beach management as a financially self-sustainable process catering for multiple user activities while ensuring high standards in safety and conservation of the environment.
ERNACT EEIG Crossborder ePublic Services—Phase 1 The overall aim of this project, is to evaluate the use of e-government models as a cross-border framework for the delivery of more integrated, relevant and targeted public services to cross-border communities within the north-west cross-border region.
Irish Central Border Area Network Rural roads infrastructure and tourism project The project aims to undertake a series of road improvement schemes in 15 rural disadvantaged areas around the border corridor from Castlefin to Clones. In addition to infrastructure improvement, the scheme also includes tourism signage, amenity sites, a road route, stone wall restoration.
Probation Board for Northern Ireland Crime Reduction in Ireland through Positive Impact on Communities The rehabilitation and reintegration of offenders requires that they accept personal responsibility to take steps to stop offending and to make reparation. It also requires a response from the community, which recognises that communities also have a role to play in the reduction of offending. The Probation Board for Northern Ireland and the Probation and Welfare Service in the Republic or Ireland wish to maximise the opportunity provided by peace to begin to understand, share and develop professional approaches to assist in the effective management of a range of offenders. This will include young offenders, drug abusers, alcohol abusers, sex offenders, dangerous offenders and the perpetrators of domestic violence. We intend to develop practice guidelines, best practice programmes and establish projects in border counties evidencing this, albeit that the impact will be on an all-Ireland basis.
DRD Road Service Headquarters A509 Improvements A series of improvements to the A509 road linking Enniskillen to Belturbet. The project builds on the success of the reopening of the road at Aghalane and a series of further improvements that were supported by the original Peace programme.
DRD—Roads Service Headquarters A1/N1 Newry to Dundalk Link Road—Engineering Services Phase II The NI portion of the consultancy commission for the A1/N1 Newry to Dundalk link road to take the scheme through two public inquiries in NI. This project builds on the early work carried out under this commission and which was supported by the original Peace programme.
Craigavon Borough Council Scoping Study for the Railway Corridor area The project is to carry out a scoping study into the pressures placed on towns, villages, infrastructure and communities surrounding the Belfast to Dublin railway corridor, where it runs through the council areas of Craigavon, Newry and Mourne and Louth.
Western Education and Library Board Cross-Border Mobile Library Project The project is a joint initiative between the library service of the Western Education and Library Board (WELB) and the library service of Donegal County Council. The project represents a new cross-border library, education and information service which will cover the counties of Derry, Tyrone and Donegal, focussing on areas of greatest social need. The project will entail purchase of a mobile vehicle while associated bookstock and staffing costs will also be incurred.
North/South Ministerial Council Shared Electronic Workspace for the North/South Ministerial Council Joint Secretariat The project will enable officials from both sides of the Secretariat to work together on documents and data relating to the business of the Joint Secretariat.

The information provided above is based on the most recent download from the central database dated 18 February 2004, and includes only those applications registered at that date. The central database is live and dynamic and depends on various funding bodies to provide and update the information. Only funding details for those groups listed by OFMDFM have been provided.