HC Deb 04 December 2001 vol 376 cc145-6W
Dr. Cable

To ask the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry if she will make a statement on the Government's policy on the provision of export credits for military equipment. [18608]

Ms Hewitt

Export credits for the sale of all goods and technology controlled for strategic reasons are subject to an export licence being issued by the Department of Trade and Industry's Export Control Organisation. All export licence applications are scrutinised rigorously and considered on a case-by-case basis against the Consolidated EU and national arms export licensing criteria.

Export credit support for defence sales to 63 of the poorest developing countries is not generally available. New export credits extended by ECGD to these countries have been restricted to "productive expenditure" that would benefit economic and social development. The OECD Statement of Principles on Official Export Credit Support to Heavily Indebted Poor Countries limits the productive expenditure criteria to the 41 HIPC's.

Dr. Cable

To ask the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry what were the outstanding amounts of ECGD guarantees in respect of defence equipment broken down by country for the financial years(a) 1999–2000 and (b) 2000–01. [18750]

Ms Hewitt

The breakdown of the amount outstanding at the close of each of the financial years on ECGD guarantees for defence equipment and services was as follows:

£ million
Market Amount outstanding
Financial year 1999–2000
Algeria 97.8
Brazil 27.8
Brunei Darussalam 441.0
Chile 18.9
Egypt 46.1
Greece 20.8
India 13.1
Indonesia 745.5
Iran, Islamic Republic of 1.3
Italy 4.2
Jordan 253.8
Kenya 16.7
Korea, Republic of 68.9
Kuwait 167.9
Lithuania 2.9
Malaysia 251.5
Nigeria 145.4
Oman 486.7
Qatar 151.4
Saudi Arabia 1,000.0
Singapore 6.3
Spain 38.1
£ million
Market Amount outstanding
Sweden 5.0
Thailand 20.0
Turkey 332.9
United Arab Emirates 2.2
United States 61.8
Zimbabwe 3.0
£ million
Market Amount outstanding
Financial year 2000–01
Algeria 95.5
Brazil 22.3
Brunei Darussalam 344.1
Chile 17.6
Egypt 43.0
Greece 62.6
India 10.7
Indonesia 729.4
Iran, Islamic Republic of 1.3
Italy 4.2
Jordan 252.7
Kenya 10.8
Korea, Republic of 57.4
Kuwait 90.8
Lithuania 1.4
Malaysia 158.3
Nigeria 145.4
Oman 387.2
Qatar 91.8
Saudi Arabia 1,000.0
Singapore 4.3
South Africa 839.4
Spain 23.0
Sweden 5.0
Thailand 1.3
Turkey 285.7
United Arab Emirates 1.3
United States 59.0
Zimbabwe 0.9


Amount outstanding includes future maturities plus unrecovered claims.