HC Deb 04 May 1989 vol 152 cc221-2W
Sir Ian Gilmour

To ask the Secretary of State for Social Security what is the minimum, net amount of income support payable to a lone-parent with three children under 11 years, after deducations for rent, rates, rent-rate arrears, gas-electricity arrears and social fund loan.

Mr. Peter Lloyd

The amount of income support payable in the circumstances described would depend on a number of factors, including the level of deduction for the social fund loan, which is at the discretion of an officer acting on behalf of the Secretary of State, and on the claimant's income. However, a hypothetical assessment, assuming income of child benefit and one-parent benefit with a social fund deduction of 5 per cent. and with no deduction for current rent, rates or fuel consumption, would be:

Personal allowance 34.90
Children's allowance 35.25
Lone Parent premium 3.90
Family premium 6.50
Applicable amount 80.55

1 Place of death
Type of maternal death Total number Consultant Obstetric Unit Intensive Care Unit 2Other hospital ward 3Home 4Elsewhere
Direct death 138 38 49 24 23 4
Associated with anaesthesia (all included in direct death) 19 4 14 1 0 0
Indirect death 71 22 16 13 14 6
1 Not always the place where the anaesthetic complication occurred. (No direct or indirect deaths occurred in GP units or GP maternity homes.)
2 Includes neurosurgical units, medical and surgical wards, accident and emergency departments.
3 None of the deaths at home were booked home deliveries.
4 Includes two deaths in private nursing homes approved Under the Abortion Act.

Deductions for arrears of housing costs 1.75
Deduction for arrears of fuel 3.50
Deduction for social fund loan 14.02
Total deductions 9.27
Income support payable 44.33
1 5 per cent of applicable amount.

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