HC Deb 15 November 1988 vol 140 cc570-1W
Mr. Austin Mitchell

To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer whether he will publish in theOfficial Report a table showing for 1978–79 and his forecast for the current financial year (a) the number of aged married couples and single persons, (b) the amount of the age allowance for those aged above and below 80 years, (c) the age allowance ceiling, (d) the post-tax income of a tax unit on the threshold of the clawback of the age allowance in each case, (e) the amount of the state pension, (f) average earnings, (g) the maximum level of income support payable to those on a state pension and (h) the income below which income support would not be payable.

Mr. Norman Lamont

Available information is in the table. There was no ceiling to the amount of income support payable and no set income level above which it was not payable.

1978–79 1988–89
Number of married couples aged 65 and over1(million) 2.6 2.9
Number of single persons aged 65 and over (million) 4.2 5.0

1978–79 1988–89
Aged single allowance (£)
65–79 1,300 3,180
80 and over 1,300 3,310
Aged married allowance (£)
65–79 2,075 5,035
80 and over 2,075 5,205
Aged income limit2 (£) 4,000 10,600
Post tax income at aged income limit (£)
single aged 65–79 3,169 8,745
single aged 80 and over 3,169 8,778
married aged 65–79 3,425 9,209
married aged 80 and over 3,425 9,251
Basic state retirement pension at April (£ pw)
single 17.50 41.15
married 28.00 65.90
Average earnings for a man
working a full week whose pay is unaffected by absence (£ pw) 92.8 3254.1
1 Based on the age of the husband or the wife, whichever is the elder.
2 Total income less allowable deductions.
Forecast, based on increase in average earnings assumed in Autumn Statement 1988, Chapter 3, for purpose of assessing national insurance contributions.

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