HC Deb 22 April 1985 vol 77 cc370-1W
Mr. Tony Banks

asked the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food if he will list the species and numbers of animals imported into the United Kingdom during 1984.

Mrs. Fenner

The table shows the information requested:

United Kingdom imports of live animals (chiefly for food) 1984
Animals of the bovine species (including buffalos)
Pure bred breeding animals 1,010
Other than pure bred breeding stock—
Male calves 525
Female calves 1,102
Heifers for breeding or dairy purposes 16
Heifers—fat 9,184

Other heifers 57,627
Cows for breeding or dairy purposes 1
Other cows 130
Bulls for breeding
Other bulls 55
Steers—fat 68,728
Other steers 77,529
Other cattle 1
Pure bred breeding animals 1,321
Other than pure bred for breeding 10,340
Lambs (up to a year old) not for breeding 17,107
Other sheep not for breeding 33,711
Pure bred breeding animals
Other goats
Pigs-Domestic species
Pure bred breeding animals—
Sows and boars 13
Other pigs 24
Other than pure bred breeding animals—
Sows 54
Other pigs 46,659
Of a weight not exceeding 185 grammes
Turkeys and geese 294,513
Day old chicks 1,571,790
Other than turkeys, geese or chicks 667,967
Of a weight exceeding 185 grammes
Fowls 319,980
Turkeys 12,124
Guinea fowls
Pure bred breeding animals 3,796
For slaughter
Other horses 3,346
Mules and hinnies
Live animals of a kind mainly used for food
Domestic rabbits 1,794
Pigeons 9,759

Source: United Kingdom Trade Statistics.