HC Deb 19 May 1980 vol 985 c39W
Mr. J. Enoch Powell

asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer by what process the exchange rate of the £ sterling as against the Russian rouble is determined for purposes of estimating the value of the United Kingdom's trade with the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

Single Married couple Married couple with 2 children
Belgium 2,010 2,170 2,495
Denmark 1,310 2,470 2,470
France 2,400 3,170 4,620
Germany 1,740 3,060 3,060
Ireland 1,380 2,390 2,750
Italy 860 1,230 1,400
Luxembourg 2,275 3,770 5,870
Netherlands 2,340 2,940 2,940
United Kingdom 1,376 2,146 2,146


1. Figures are for the tax year 1980 or 1980–81, except for France (1979), which fixes its tax scale in arrear at the end of the tax year. The 1980 figures for Belgium and Italy are provisional and are likely to be subject to further changes. The United Kingdom and Irish 1980–81 figures take into account increased reliefs introduced in their respective 1980 Finance Bills.

2. The figures relate to employment income only. In the case of married couples all income is assumed to be that of the husband.

3. Personal reliefs, universal minimum expenses deductions, employment income reliefs and other flat rate reliefs have been taken into account, as have deductible social security contributions.

4. Child benefits have been left out of account.

5. Conversions to sterling were made at the exchange rates prevailing in London on 12 May 1980. Such conversions may not reflect differences in domestic purchasing power between the United Kingdom and individual foreign countries.