HC Deb 28 April 1925 vol 183 cc44-5W
Sir W. de FRECE

asked the Secretary of State for the Colonies whether his attention has been called to the Report of His Majesty's Trade Commissioner for the British West Indies and Central America to the effect that the British West Indies, which can grow the finest quality cotton in the world, could double or treble the quantity now produced; whether there is any hindrance in the way of this action being taken; and what policy the Department has followed to stimulate cotton-growing in the West Indies to the fullest possible extent?


The reply to the first part of the question is in the affirmative, and to the second that, as stated in the Report itself, the principal hindrance to increased production is the curtailment in the demand for luxury articles which has adversely affected the sole of fine cotton. In the circumstances the question is rather one of increasing demand than of stimulating supply. I trust that the cotton trade in this country will give serious attention to the problem of finding new uses and extending existing uses of this material

Navy Army Air
Total Personnel 100,500(excluding Marine Police) 157,500 (excluding Indian Troops administered by Air Ministry in Iraq) 35,000
Recruiting Services £24,000 (Cost of Staff plus certain Expenses). £114,200 (Complete Cost). £15,500 (Cost of Staff plus certain Expenses).
Chiefs of Staffs' Departments. Salaries and Allowances. £114,991 £142,889 £64,850 (excludes Works).
(The duties included in the Departments are not identical in the three Services.)
Administrative Departments. Headquarters Establishments. Salaries and Allowances £1,307,033 £904,100 £710,000
Pay and Allowances for Works Services £195,614 £458,385 £361,093
Non-effective Charges £8,067,700 £7,834,000 £133,000

The figures relating to cost of staff are not comparable owing to differences in the organisation and accounting systems. For example, the division of work between headquarters and outstations, the duties assigned to the Department of the Chief of Staff and the organisation of the Works Services are so different in the three Departments, that comparative figures cannot be given, even approximately