HL Deb 17 August 1836 vol 35 c1271

MINUTES.] Bills. Received the Royal Assent:—Slave-Owners' Compensation; Slave Treaties; Militia Pay; Registration of Births; Secular Jurisdiction (York and Ely); Medical Witnesses; St. Clement (Oxford) Marriages Validity; Creditors (Scotland); Exchequer Officers; Valuation of Land (Ireland).—Read a third time:—Militia Pay; Greek Loan; Westminster Small Debts; Stannaries Court: County Elections.—Read a second time:—Consolidated Fund; Exchequer Bills; Grand Jury Presentments (Ireland); Copyright; List of Voters; Municipal Funds; Municipal Boundaries; Municipal Jurisprudence; Municipal Elections.—Read a first time:—Public Works (Ireland).

Petitions presented. By Lord FITZGERALD and VESEY, from the Friends of Temperance Reformation, against allowing Grocers to sell Spirits.—By the Earl of ROSSLYN and Lord WHARNCLIFFE, from various places, against Inns and Alehouses Bill.