HC Deb 19 April 1956 vol 551 cc1176-7
55. Mr. Russell

asked the Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation what consideration he gave to the improvement which has occurred in the flow of traffic at Neasden Circus and Brent Cross since the roundabouts there were replaced by traffic lights, before deciding that the traffic lights at the Lambeth end of Lambeth Bridge should be replaced by a roundabout in order to speed the flow of traffic there.

Mr. Molson

Traffic conditions at the Neasden Circus and Brent Cross junctions are not comparable with those at the Lambeth end of Lambeth Bridge. In each case, the form of control proposed is selected as being best suited to the particular traffic needs of the site.

Mr. Russell

Is my hon. Friend aware that when the roundabouts at Brent Cross and Neasden Circus were originally erected, the traffic conditions were not as they are now? Will he not agree that an increase in traffic is bound to take place at the Lambeth Bridge roundabout, and that conditions may become as bad as they were at Neasden?

Mr. Molson

My hon. Friend is quite right in saying that the roundabouts at Brent Cross and Neasden were originally provided when traffic was very much less than it has been since the war, and it is for that reason that they were comparatively small, being respectively 70 feet by 78 feet and 110 feet square. In the case of the Lambeth Bridge roundabout, the dimensions are about 100 feet by 120 feet, and experience shows that where the roundabout is large enough, it is better, from the point of view of traffic, than traffic lights.