HC Deb 22 February 1933 vol 274 cc1734-5
33. Mr. MAXTON

(for Mr. McGOVERN) asked the Secretary of State for Scotland the number of persons who have been charged with shoplifting in Glasgow during 1932; the number found guilty; how many were fined or sent to prison; and in how many cases were medical reports of mental trouble accepted as an excuse for these charges, and the names in each case?


The number of persons who were charged with shoplifting in Glasgow during 1932 was 670. Including those who were put on probation the number found guilty was 634. Of these 261 were fined, and 79 were imprisoned. In no case was a medical report of mental trouble accepted as an excuse for the charge. But in three cases mental disease was established either to the satisfaction of the Court or the prosecutor. The names were Mrs. Semple, who was acquitted on the ground of insanity, Colonel Watkins and James Dorcas.


Can the Solicitor-General give us any information as to the social status of the three people who were excused on medical grounds?


I can only give such information as the name Colonel Watkins discloses. I have no information about Mrs. Semple. As regards James Dorcas, I am informed that he was taken into the guardianship of the Poor Law authorities, from which I infer that he was a pauper.