HC Deb 14 August 1911 vol 29 cc1531-2

asked whether the right hon Gentleman's attention has been called to the fact that the sanitary system of Cairo is still extremely imperfect, in respect that masses of refuse are daily deposited in the neighbourhood of the city whence the dust is blown back in large quantities; whether he is aware that the lighting system of the city is still extremely backward; and whether, in view of these and other deficiencies in the management of the city's affairs, he will recommend the British Consul-General to consider the expediency of establishing a municipality in Cairo?


As regards the first portion of the hon. Member's question, I beg to refer him to the last paragraph of part 29 of Sir Eldon Gorst's Report for 1910. As regards the second, the answer is in the negative. As regards the establishment of a municipality in Cairo, Sir Eldon Gorst's Report for 1908 stated that a committee had been formed with a view to studying the question of the creation of a central body, on which the different public departments interested, as well as the inhabitants of the city, would be represented, for the management and contral of the municipal affairs of Cairo; but I do not know whether this committee has yet presented its report. I will inquire as to this.