HC Deb 12 October 1908 vol 194 cc38-9
MR. WALTER LONG (Dublin, S.)

May I ask whether the Prime Minister is prepared to make any statement with regard to the events which have occurred in Bulgaria?


As my right hon. friend the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and I myself have already publicly stated, it is impossible for this country, in the interest of the value of treaties, to recognise an alteration of them made by any individual State without the consent of the other parties. We hold to that principle. We regard the events which have recently taken place in the Near East as necessitating consideration by the Powers with the view of arriving at a settlement which shall show due regard to the interests of Turkey or any States which may have been prejudiced by recent changes. We hope and trust that a solution will be found, and we shall use our influence to help to secure that it shall be both peaceful and equitable. No definite arrangement for a Conference has been come to, and the question of how a settlement can be attained, and what should be comprised in it, is at present forming the subject of discussion. Meanwhile, we hope that those who naturally feel aggrieved will not precipitate a crisis by hasty action, and will continue to show the moderation and restraint which have hitherto distinguished them, relying upon the general desire which we believe exists to show fair consideration for their interests.