HC Deb 21 December 1893 vol 20 c72
MR. FIELD (Dublin, St. Patrick's)

I beg to ask the Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster whether the Council of the Young Ireland League, during the mouth of August, 1893, or a little later, forwarded to the Chief Secretary for Ireland, with the object of facilitating the passing of the Public Libraries (Ireland) Bill into law, a copy of the said Bill, amended to meet the main suggestions of the Irish Office; would he explain why it is that, although he promised to give the matter his attention, up to the present no reply has been given to the proposition nor statement forwarded as to the terms of the Amendments to be proposed by him; whether the opinion of the Law Advisers has been obtained; and what steps will be taken by the Irish Office to facilitate the passing of this non-contentious measure?

MR. BRYCE (for Mr. J. Morley)

; A copy of the Bill was sent to the Chief Secretary on the 12th September last, as mentioned in the question; but the Amendments in manuscripts contained in this copy did not meet the objections entertained by the Irish Government to the provisions of the Bill. The promoters of the Bill, including the hon. Member, have, since the Bill reached another place, been informed of the views of the Irish Government, and the points in which the Government think the Bill needs amendment, but neither the promoters nor the hon. Member have signified their assent to these views. The opinion of the Law Officers has long since been obtained. The Government are unable to undertake to provide any special facilities for the passing of this Bill, but, as the hon. Member has already been informed, the Government will not in any way object to its further progress upon the hon. Member agreeing to the necessary Amendments being made.