HC Deb 20 June 1890 vol 345 c1494
MR. M. HFALY (Cork)

I beg to ask the Attorney General for Ireland whether he will state what the present practice of the Irish Land Commission is as regards obtaining the Report of an official valuer on the hearing of fair rent appeals; whether such Report is now obtained by the Land Commission on their own Motion in all or in any, and, if so, in what cases, and at whose expense; and whether either of the litigant parties can, on application, cause such a Report to be procured on payment of any fee or without payment?


The Land Commissioners report that in appeal cases where the appellant has stated that the appeal is brought merely with reference to the holding for the purposes of rent, the Land Commissioners, so far as is possible, direct valuations to be made by the Appeal Court valuers prior to the hearing of the appeal. The Commissioners obtain each valuation on their own motion, and in such cases and for such sittings as they consider most desirable. The valuations are obtained without expense to the parties. When obtained, the result is forthwith communicated to the appellant free of charge. Either party can obtain a detailed copy of the Valuer's Report for Is. The valuer communicates the date of his intended inspection to both landlord and tenant. Both prior to, and at the hearing, if either party makes it manifest to the Commissioners that, special circumstances exist which render a valuation desirable, the Commissioners, when it is possible to do so, order a valuation to be made.


Do I understand that there has been a violation of the Act in all cases where a valuer has been employed?


No, Sir; where a question of value arises, the Commissioners have power to appoint a valuer. It is not absolutely imperative.