HC Deb 15 February 1870 vol 199 c329

said, he would beg to ask the President of the Poor Law Board, Under what circumstances was the inquiry held at St. Pancras Workhouse by the special inspector, Mr. Bere, Q.C., brought to an abrupt termination before all the matters in question had been fully investigated?


, in reply, said his hon. Friend was misinformed if he thought that anything connected with St. Pancras Workhouse had been brought to a termination, abrupt or otherwise. Two inquiries were suggested, one of which had been concluded, and the other had not yet commenced, being suspended on account of the sudden disappearance of an important witness. But on the day on which the hon. Gentleman might have seen in the newspapers the alleged extraordinary termination of the St. Pancras inquiry, the inquiry had not terminated, and the notion that it had done so resulted from a misunderstanding.