HC Deb 03 December 1867 vol 190 cc545-6

Order for Third Reading read.


rose to enter a protest against the mode in which it was proposed to make provision for the Abyssinian Expedition. It appeared from the statements made to the House that the force could not be thrown on the shore of Abyssinia for less than £2,000,000, and that if the Expedition went on until the end of March it would entail an additional cost of £2,000,000; so that at the end of the current financial year it was almost certain that we should be in debt for this expenditure to the extent of £2,500,000. He agreed with the right hon. Member for South Lancashire that of all financial errors none was so seductive, so plausible, and therefore so dangerous, as that of postponing the provision for such undertakings as this.


said, he understood that in some instances the Income Tax collectors were proceeding to levy the tax before the Bill on the subject had passed. He wanted to know whether persons could be called upon to pay merely upon a Resolution of the House.


said, he had no official information on the subject; but he understood from some hon. Members that what the hon. Gentleman complained of had been done. He believed it was usual when a Resolution proposing a tax was passed for the officers to act upon it, and that it would be the more convenient course for the taxpayers themselves; but in case the Bill did not pass, the money so levied would have to be returned.

Bill read the third time, and passed.