HC Deb 09 February 1854 vol 130 cc360-1

said, he wished to ask the noble Lord (Lord J. Russell) whether he had any objection to lay before the House the correspondence which had taken place between the British Government and that of the Queen of Spain on the subject of a Protestant burial ground at Madrid?


The correspondence which has taken place is to this effect:—In reply to the representations of the British Government, the Spanish Ministry stated that a Protestant burial ground would be permitted, and also that it might be enclosed in any manner which the British Government should think proper. Plans were accordingly prepared by the Board of Works, and steps are now being taken to enclose a burial ground in the manner decided upon. According to the Spanish law, it is not permitted to have any of the ceremonies of Protestant worship carried on either in that burial ground or in any other place. But I am given to understand that there will not be any interference with the conduct of Protestants within this enclosure; and, therefore, my hon. Friend will see that the funerals will be carried on with decency, and in the manner usual in an English burial ground. There will be no objection to produce the correspondence which has passed on the subject, if my hon. Friend likes to move for it on a future day.