HC Deb 23 May 1848 vol 98 cc1262-5

LORD GEORGE BENTINCK: Sir, I am sure that my Motion, that the House at its rising do adjourn to Thursday, will have the ready concurrence of the House. I need not say that to-morrow is the Derby day, and as that is recognised as a holiday in the metropolis, I have obtained the sanction of the noble Lord the First Minister of the Crown to my Motion.

MR. HUME hoped the House would not agree to the Motion, as there was a very important Bill on the Paper for Wednesday—the Law of Entail (Scotland) Bill.

LORD JOHN RUSSELL: If I found that the Members for Scotland were anxious to discuss in the course of to-morrow the Law of Entail in Scotland, I should be quite ready to agree with my hon.. Friend who has just sat down, that the House ought to meet for that purpose; but I find that several Scotch Members are of opinion that this very important subject would not receive due discussion to-morrow, and that the clerks would have to sit for some time at the table, waiting to make a House; and as it seems the practice to look upon to-morrow as a national fâte, I have acquiesced in the Motion.

MR. FOX MAULE was not aware, when be fixed the Law of Entail in Scotland Bill for to-morrow, that it was the Derby day; but even had he been aware of it, that would not have prevented him naming the Bill for that day. It was of great importance that the Bill should be proceeded with as early as possible; and he believed that if the House sat to-morrow, there would be a sufficient number of Members present to enter into the consideration of the Bill, notwithstanding the Derby. It was absolutely necessary that the Bill should go into the other House of Parliament sufficiently early to enable that House to give the subject full consideration. However, if the House should adjourn over to-morrow, he only hoped that his noble Friend would give to Scotland half a day at an early period to discuss this important subject.

MR. BRIGHT thought it was desirable that they should sometimes have a holiday, and he had not the slightest objection to to-morrow being made one; but he thought it was below the dignity of that House to make the fact of certain races being held within a few miles of the metropolis a pretext for a holiday. If they were to have a holiday for the Derby, why not have one for the Oaks? An hon. Gentleman near him informed him that there were other races at which certain Members had more business than in that House. The noble Lord at the head of the Government had made one or two pathetic speeches against delay, and now he was going to throw away a day. It would not elevate them in the eyes of the country to forego a day's business for the sake of recreation. He was persuaded that a sufficient number of Members to form a House would remain in town, notwithstanding the races. He understood that the noble Lord opposite (Lord G. Bentinck) was not so great an authority on the turf as he was formerly, having given up racing to become a politician. He had no objection to a holiday on rational grounds, but not on the undignified and unsenatorial ground of a great horse-race.

The House divided on the question that the House on its rising adjourn till Thursday next:—Ayes 103; Noes 90: Majority 13.

List of the AYES.
Archdall, Capt. Howard, P. H.
Arkwright, G. Ingestre, Visct.
Arundel and Surrey, Earl of Jocelyn, Visct.
Bankes, G. Jones, Sir W.
Barnard, E. G. Knox, Col.
Beckett, W. Lemon, Sir C.
Benett, J. Leslie, C. P.
Bennet, P. Lindsay, hon. Col.
Bentinck, Lord H. Mackinnon, W. A.
Beresford, W. Machamara, Maj.
Blackstone, W. S. Masterman, J.
Boldero, H. G. Matheson, Col.
Bourke, R. S. Meux, Sir H.
Bramston, T. W. Mostyn, hon. E. M. L.
Buck, L. W. Neeld, J.
Butler, P. S. Newdegate, C. N.
Callaghan, D. Norreys, Lord
Carew, W. H. P. Nugent, Sir P.
Christopher, R. A. O'Connell, M. J.
Christy, S. Ossulston, Lord
Cochrane, A. D. R. W. B. Palmerston, Visct.
Cockburn, A. J. E. Patten, J. W.
Codrington, Sir W. Peel, right hon. Sir R.
Cole, hon. H. A. Prime, R.
Conolly, Col. Pusey, P.
Corbally, M. E. Renton, J. C.
Cubitt, W. Russell, Lord J.
Dalrymple, Capt. Rutherfurd, A.
Deedes, W. Scott, hon. F.
Denison, W. J. Seymer, H. K.
Dick, Q. Sibthorp, Col.
Disraeli, B. Smith, M. T.
Drumlanrig, Visct. Smyth, Sir H.
Dundas, G. Stafford, A.
Edwards, H. Stanley, E.
Estcourt, J. B. B. Stanton, W. H.
Euston, Earl of Stickland, Sir G.
Ferguson, Sir R. A. Taylor, T. E.
Filmer, Sir. E. Thesiger, Sir F.
Fuller, A. E. Thompson, Ald.
Galway, Visct. Towneley, C.
Goddard, A. L. Vane. Lord H.
Grace, O. D. J. Verner, Sir W.
Hallyburton, Lord J. F. Villiers, Visct.
Halsey, T. P. Waddington, D.
Hammer, Sir J. Wall, C. B.
Harris, hon. Capt. Walsh, Sir J. B.
Heathcote, Sir W. Watkins, Col.
Henley, J. W. Wood, right hon. Sir C.
Herries, rt. hon. J. C. Wortley, rt. hon. J. S.
Hildyard, R. C. TELLERS.
Houldsworth, T. Bentinck, Lord G.
Howard, hon. E. G. G. Hudson, G.
List of the NOES.
Abdy, T. N. King, hon. P. J. L.
Acland, Sir T. D. Labouchere, rt. hon. H.
Adair, H. E. Langston, J. H.
Adair, R. A. S. Lincoln, Earl of
Anderson, A. Loch, J.
Armstrong, R. B. Lushington, C.
Baillie, H. J. Lygon, hon. Gen.
Baines, M. T. Maitland, T.
Blewitt, R. J. Mandeville, Visct.
Bowles, Adm. Marshall, J. G.
Bowring, Dr. Martin, J.
Bright, J. Maule, rt. hon. F.
Brockman, E. D. Molesworth, Sir W.
Brown, W. Morgan, H. K. G.
Bunbury, W. M. Morris, D.
Bunbury, E. H. Mowatt, F.
Campbell, hon. W. K. Mulgrave, Earl of
Clay, J. Nugent, Sir P.
Clay, Sir W. O'Brien, T.
Clerk, rt. hon. Sir G Ogle, S. C. H.
Cobbold, J. C. Oswald, A.
Cobden, R. Pearson, C.
Courtenay, Lord Pechell, Capt.
Craig, W. G. Peto, S. M.
D'Eyncourt, rt. hn. C T. Pinney, W.
Drummond, H. Plowden, W. H. C.
Drummond, H. H. Raphael, A.
Duncan, G. Rawdon, Col.
Duncuft, J. Smith, J. B.
Elliot, hon. J. E. Smollett, A.
Evans, Sir De L. Stansfield, W. R. C.
Evans, J. Talfourd, Serj.
Ewart, W. Tancred, H. W.
Fergus, J. Thompson, Col.
Fordyce, A. D. Thompson, G.
Fox, W. J. Thornely, T.
Gibson, rt. hon. T. M. Tollemache, hon. F. J.
Graham, rt. hon. Sir J. Turner, E.
Gwyn, H. Walmsley, Sir J.
Hardcastle, J. A. Wawn, J. T.
Hastie, A. Willcox, B. M.
Headlam, T. E. Williams, J.
Henry, A. Wood, W. P.
Herbert, right hon. S. TELLERS.
Hood, Sir A. Hume, J.
Inglis, Sir R. H. Crawford, W. S.

Motion agreed to.