HC Deb 31 March 1841 vol 57 cc753-4
Mr. Slaney

said, a petition had been laid on the Table of the House relative to the destitute condition of persons in a populous district of the metropolis. He had that morning visited that district, and it was lamentable to see the wretched and filthy state in which the majority of its inhabitants were. He wished to ask the hon. Gentleman the Under Secretary for the Home Department, whether or not the Home Office was possessed of any power to enforce the discharge of their duty by the local authorities, with respect to cleansing the district to which he alluded? In consequence of the proposed improvements to take place in that quarter, nothing had been done by the parochial authorities with respect to cleansing it. He alluded to the district of St. Giles.

Mr. Fox Maule

was not aware that the Home Office was compelled to attend to the cleansing of such places as his hon. Friend had alluded to. He apprehended that it was a matter for the parochial authorities, and for them alone to attend to. He presumed, that the bill which his noble Friend introduced in the other House, would give facility for making improvements in that quarter.

Subject at an end.