HC Deb 14 April 1812 vol 22 cc363-5

The Report of the Committee of Supply being brought up and read,

Mr. Fremantle

objected to the Barrack Estimates. He said, that the barrack to be erected in the Regent's Park was estimated to cost 133,500l. which was only to contain 416 men, which would be at the rate of 350l. per man. That at Liverpool, which was to contain 2 regiments of infantry, would cost 82,000l.; and that at Bristol, for only 800 men, was estimated at 60,000l. making a total of 275,000l. for three barracks. He then argued at length on the general extravagance of expenditure in the barrack system, which had since the commencement of the war, cost the country upwards of 15 millions. When this enormous sum was taken into consideration, he was convinced the House would pause before they voted such a large additional sum as that now required, till they saw the estimate and the plan, and could thereby form something like a correct idea of the real expence.

Mr. Wharton

contended, that the hon. gentleman had mixed the barrack expenditure with the building of barracks, and that the whole expence of barracks since the commencement of the war, did not amount to within two millions of the sum he had stated.

Mr. Whitbread

proposed instead of the word "now," "this day se'nnight."

A conversation took place, in which Mr. Ponsonby, Mr. Wilberforce, Sir J. Newport, and Mr. Bankes, spoke in favour of the amendment; and it was at length agreed, on the suggestion of Mr. Bankes, that the report should be agreed to, with respect to all the articles, except those which related to the barracks, and that they should be deferred till this day se'nnight.